Close the Gap Between Your
Top Reps and Everyone Else

Gong helps sales leaders convert more of their pipeline into
closed revenue by driving effective sales conversations and
shining the light on what’s working and what’s not during
the sales process.


“Our close rates are up 30% from Q4 last year to Q1 this year.
Weʼve cut onboarding ramp time by 20%. And our sales cycle has
been cut in half. Gong has played a big role in all of those metrics.
Itʼs been a huge part of our success.”

DREW HAMILTON Chief Sales Officer, Kareo Software

Key benefits

Ensure Your Reps Are Pitching Value

Ensure your reps are pitching the value of your
product effectively, adhering to the steps in your
sales process, and are implementing what they
learn in sales training.

Key Benefits
Track Changes

Scalable, Time-Efficient Call Coaching

Upskill your sales team by making call coaching
time-efficient and streamlined. Your sales
managers canʼt sit in on every call. Gong helps
them be 10 places at once from a coaching

Clone Your Top Performers

Replicate effective sales behavior across your
team by shining the light on what your top
performers do differently than the “middle of the
pac,” closing the delta between the two groups

Drive Consistency

Drive Consistency Across Your Team

When 10 reps handle 10 calls in 10 different ways, your
revenue is predictably unpredictable. Gong helps you
ensure everyone is marching in the same direction on
each type of sales call.

Accelerate Onboarding Ramp Time

Get new hires up to speed fast by giving them a
“highlight reel” of your teamʼs best calls and
demos so they can see what “good” sounds like
at each stage of the sales cycle.

New Sales
Fine Tune

Fine-Tune Your Sales Process

Diagnose what’s going right and what’s not
within each call during your sales process so you
can work out the kinks and move more deals
across the finish line, faster.

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