Gong.io Named to the 2018 AI 100, Highlighting Advancements in B2B Sales Conversation Intelligence

CB Insights today named Gong.io to the prestigious AI 100, a select group of promising private companies working on groundbreaking artificial intelligence technology. CB Insights CEO and co-founder Anand Sanwal will reveal the full list of the second annual AI 100 companies at the A-ha! conference in San Francisco.

Why That Sales Prospect Hanging on Your Every Word Is Probably Not Going to Buy From You

as experienced sales professionals will attest, when prospects respond to your demo in a way that seems too good to be true, it often is.

How AI is completely changing enterprise sales

Gong.io has a team of data scientists who have discovered that by digging into the wording, talk-to-listen ratio, inflection, and rate of speech used in thousands of sales calls a company makes each year, sales managers can understand what distinguishes their top-tier performers. That information could help the rest of the team—particularly the middle performers—achieve results similar to those of their top-tier counterparts.

Gong.io Recognised for Outstanding Growth in Top 50 List From SaaS1000.com

Gong.io, the leading SaaS company in the fast-growing category of Conversation Intelligence for sales teams, has been selected as one of the top 50 companies out of 1,000 in the SaaS1000.com ranking. The recognition is based on the company's rapid six-month employee size growth and overall number of team members.

AI hype has peaked so what’s next?

The best AI solutions are those that exist in what I call an “operational loop,” where they are constantly being fed new data and seeing regular user engagement. A great example of this is Gong.io, which analyzes daily sales recordings and provides performance recommendations.

What it's like to have the best job in America right now

“I enjoy seeing the final product. The result of our work and the result of our algorithms are often things that are really, really cool," Lotem Peled, head data scientist at sales intelligence platform Gong.io, told Business Insider.

Seinfeld Helps Make Machines a Little More Human

In 1844, the first telegraph message was sent, laying the groundwork for many advancements that would lead to the internet. Since then, communication has become ever more dependent on technology. Eventually, thanks to advances in AI (artificial intelligence), we may not even realize that we’re talking to a machine instead of a person. Gong.io, an AI-based startup, features a tool that harnesses both machine learning and natural language processing to help train salespeople and customer service reps. That, on its own, may not sound earth shattering, but the game changer is how Gong.io’s creators have used Seinfeld to teach the software about the natural rhythms and cadence of human speech.

Interview with Amit Bendov, CEO and Co-Founder at Gong.io

"We should all be using these technologies to better craft our marketing programs to hone in on the few true benefits our customers are looking for, to better differentiate ourselves, and to stop wasting money on ineffective marketing."

13 phrases that salespeople should never use

sales intelligence platform Gong.io used machine-learning to try and make the art of closing a deal a little easier.

Gong.io Announces SOC2 Type II and EU Privacy Shield Compliance

Gong.io, a leading SaaS company in the fast-growing category of Conversation Intelligence for sales teams, has announced that it now complies with EU Privacy Shield standards and SOC2 Type II after completing a vigorous audit by EY. Gong.io can now offer an even higher level of security to its increasing roster of enterprise clients. The audit concluded that Gong.io's policies and operations met the high standards set by EY for security, process integrity, and confidentiality.

The Secret Structure of Winning Sales Calls Mimics Great Storytelling

Gong.io and their data science team began with a simple yet profound hypothesis. If they could record a large enough number of sales calls, they chose over 519,000 to be exact, process those calls using Artificial Intelligence (AI) and their conversation intelligence platform they could identify the structure of an effective sales call and create a list of sharp differences between what works and what doesn’t.

Men talk more than women in the sales profession and it doesn't serve them, research shows

Gong analyzed 519,000 sales calls and discovered that the average monologue of male salespeople to female buyers was significantly longer (108 seconds) than the average monologue to a man (91 seconds). In other words, men talked for longer periods of uninterrupted time when selling to women. All told, when salesmen worked with female buyers, the men did 61% of the talking.

Will Your B2B Sales Job Survive AI?

"We as sales professionals have an emotional attachment to our jobs not being affected negatively by AI. Given that emotional attachment, our judgment becomes clouded and we become violently resistant to the idea of the sales profession becoming an automated job function."

More than $277M raised in 13 new Bay Area startup fundings

More than $277 million in new funding was disclosed in a rush of new funding disclosed in the week after the Fourth of July holiday. Here are the details.

Gong, an AI-based language tool to help sales and customer service reps, nabs $20M

As artificial intelligence continues its spread into all aspects of computing, many believe that it will be the next big frontier in CRM. Today a startup called Gong.io underscores that trend: the Israeli startup, which has built a tool that uses natural language processing and machine learning to help train and suggest information to sales people and other customer service reps, has raised $20 million in funding.

Gong.io Raises $20 Million in Series A1 Funding to Transform Sales Conversations

Platform pioneers new category of AI and Machine Learning to improve sales performance; optimizes over $1 Billion of revenue for thousands of salespeople

Israeli SaaS AI co Gong.io raises $20m

Israeli SaaS company Gong.io today announced that it has completed a $20 million Series A financing round led by previous investors Norwest Venture Partners and CheckPoint Co-Founder Shlomo Kramer and with the participation of new investors Wing Venture Capital and NextWorld Capital.

Gong.io Raises $20 Million in Series A1 Funding

The investment round was led by existing investors Norwest Venture Partners and CheckPoint Co-Founder Shlomo Kramer. They were joined by new investors Wing Venture Capital and NextWorld Capital. Peter Wagner, Founding Partner at Wing Venture Capital, and Ben Fu, General Partner at NextWorld Capital, will join as Board Observers.

Eilon Reshef, CTO of Gong TV Interview

Eilon Reshef, CTO of Gong speaking at ILTV studio about Israeli start up Gong that provides on-demand sales analytics and helps you close with inside sales and increase your RMR and sales ratio.

US Patent Granted to Gong.io for Automated Web and Video Conference Recording Technology

Gong.io, the #1 conversation intelligence platform for B2B sales, today announced that the launch of Real-Time Conversation Intelligence TM (RTCI) for B2B sales teams, a first in its category.

Gong.io Introduces Real-time Conversation Intelligence for B2B Sales Teams

Gong.io, a SaaS company pioneering conversation intelligence technology for B2B sales has just announced real-time capabilities and alerts.

Getting Computers to Understand Sarcasm is Easy. Not!

This is a tough problem for AI to handle, but one that conversational analytics startup Gong, based in Tel Aviv with U.S. offices in Palo Alto, Calif., hopes to solve.

Gong Named a Cool Vendor in CRM Sales by Gartner

Gong.io, a SaaS company pioneering the B2B Sales Conversation Intelligence field, today announced that it was selected by Gartner as a Cool Vendor in CRM Sales, 2017.

How the Relentless March of AI will help B2B Sales

AI brings leverage to the sales professional.

How Seinfeld is Helping AI Understand Your Sarcasm

Lotem Peled, who works for Gong, has designed neural networks that aim to generate human-like speech patterns using varied data sources

AI Deconstructs Phone Sales Pitches

Gong's AI package combines natural language processing tools with machine learning to analyze, categorize and even quantify sales conservations that can be used to determine what is working -- and more importantly, what isn't.

4 sales trends to keep an eye on from SaaStr this year, including AI

SaaS sales leaders have to be innovative. After all, the proliferation of choice in products makes it necessary for SaaS sales leaders to run an airtight sales operation in order to grow in a competitive environment.

Gong.io Takes the Hassle Out of Sales Call Reviews

Rather than requiring a sales coach to manually find the portion during which the speaker discussed prices or specific features, the tool can pick them out and label them by leveraging AI and machine learning.

Gong.io’s Bendov on Pioneering Intelligence Sales Tool

The market for Artificial Intelligence is expected to grow nearly 53% CAGR.

Eilon Reshef, CTO of Gong - July 10, 2017

Eilon Reshef, CEO of Gong speaking at ILTV studio about Israeli start up Gong that provides on-demand sales analytics and helps you close with inside sales and increase your RMR and sales ratio.

Gong Rings Up $6M for Sales Call Measurement Software

Gong Ltd. has raised $6 million in Series A funding for its software that allows enterprise businesses to analyze business-to-business sales calls. The startup’s software can record sales calls and analyze 150 attributes per call, including how much each party speaks and how much time is spent discussing topics such as pricing and competitors.

Artificial Intelligence Discovers How To Improve Sales Performance

Startup Gong.io came out of stealth mode today, announcing a $6 million in Series A funding. Gong’s cloud-based artificial intelligence software helps improve the performance and productivity of B2B sales teams by analyzing their conversations with prospects and providing guidance about the best way to close a deal.

Israeli SaaS co Gong.io raises $6m

Israeli SaaS company Gong.io, which is pioneering B2B Sales Conversation Intelligence field, has emerged from stealth mode and announced $6 million in Series A funding. The round was led by Norwest Venture Partners and Check Point cofounder Shlomo Kramer. Gong.io uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to help B2B sales teams win more deals by recognizing effective patterns from tens of thousands of hours of spoken sales conversations.

This startup just got $6 million to analyze linguistic cues during sales calls

A startup promising to provide pointers and analytics to your sales conversations just picked up $6 million, but you might not have realized it had you read their press release. Gong.io, located in Tel Aviv and Palo Alto, announced the deal Tuesday saying it was led by Norwest Venture Partners and Shlomo Kramer, the co-founder of Check Point.

Gong.io Raises $6M in Series A to Pioneer Sales Conversation Intelligence Software

Gong.io, a SaaS company pioneering the B2B Sales Conversation Intelligence field, today emerged from stealth mode and announced $6 million in Series A funding.

Why AI Is the New Power Fuel of the Enterprise

Artificial intelligence (AI) is the not-so-secret weapon in the modern enterprise. Everyone — from software vendors to social networking sites, from analytics companies to retailers — are investing in machine learning.

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