A Dose of Reality From the Voice of Your Customer

Gong brings you closer to your buyers and your market by capturing every single interaction and delivering insights into what’s working and what’s not.

What is Market Intelligence?

It’s having a pulse on your market, everything from how competitors are coming up in your deals to measuring the success of your most strategic initiatives like product and messaging launches.

Real-time visibility into buyer and competitor activity gives you the full picture

AI understands & quantifies important interactions pinpointing opportunities

AI tracks trends over time, giving you context for shifts in the market

Goodbye, Opinions. Hello, Reality.

Understand Your Buyer

Don’t settle for anecdotes on what your buyer cares about. Capture the true voice of the customer in their own words, and understand what customers care about at scale, so you can speak directly to their challenges.

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Understand your Competition

Get a dose of reality. How much are competitors really coming up in your deals? Are those competitive conversations speed bumps, or full-on roadblocks? Gong will help you understand the difference so you can crush the competition. .

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Know What Works

A winning strategy starts with winning data. Gong understands what talk tracks work, so you can track initiatives, and pick real winners vetted by the market. Keeping you ahead.

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Gong has really given us the insight to be able to competitively attack the market better, to be able to train and validate that our training is actually working with our reps, that they’re not just internalizing it but actually applying it correctly.

Michael Hoy Director of Corporate Sales, Pendo

Here’s why managers love it: