Set Up Slack Integration & Create a Rule in Gong

The Gong for Slack app enables you to push Gong call data into Slack channels based on rules you define. Automatically push messages to team Slack channels containing insights that are important to the team, for example, when competitors are mentioned, when concerns are brought up in late-stage deals, when training moments arise, and more.

The Gong-Slack integration enables you to push Gong data into Slack based on rules you define. For example, set a rule to alert a Slack channel that a competitor was mentioned on a call, or get a call summary. The data you push can include deal info, call info, a link to the call and call snippets.

Set Up Slack Integration

1. In your company Settings page, click Slack.
2. Click Connect.
3. Click Allow to give Gong permissions to your Slack workspace.

You're now connected to Slack.

Create an Automatic Rule to Push Gong Info to Slack

1. In your company Settings page, click Automation rules.
2. Click ADD RULE.
3. In the THEN > ACTION area, select Send to Slack.
4. Select the Slack channel where you want the data to be sent.
5. In the MESSAGE TITLE box, give the rule message a title so it’s easy to identify.
6. Give your rule a name and description.
7. To enable the rule, make sure the Rule status toggle is set to on.
8. If you want to test the rule, in the Test rule area, select a call and click TEST NOW (optional).
9. Check that a message is sent to the correct Slack channel for the call.
10. Click SAVE.

“When listening to calls on mobile in the last quarter, I’ve come across three situations that needed corrective action to save a deal that would have been lost. Instead, all three of those deals have closed."
Mike Lambert CRO, OutSystems
“I've been able to change the trajectory of deals to a win just by using Gong to listen in on calls. I do this at my convenience, even during my daily commute to work.”
Marc Medrano Vice President, Global Enterprise Sales Sparkcentral

Key Benefits



Scale your best reps’ techniques and tribal knowledge across the team with our self-learning conversation analytics engine.



Transform your middle-of-the-pack reps into quota crushers with the ultimate call coaching platform.



Ramp new hires insanely fast by helping them replicate winning sales conversations from day one.

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