How It Works

Understand how conversation intelligence technology turns your sales conversations into assets.


Connect Your Calendar

Gong starts with a simple calendar integration. Once connected, Gong “scans” each sales reps’ calendar looking for upcoming sales meetings, calls, or demos to record.

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Record Screenshot


Gong then joins each scheduled sales call as a virtual meeting attendee to record the session. Both audio and video (such as screen shares, presentations, and demos) are recorded and married together.

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Each sales call is automatically transcribed from speech to text in real time, turning sales conversations into searchable data.

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Gong’s conversation analytics engine analyzes sales calls at the individual and aggregate level to help you understand what’s working (and what’s not).


What if I already have recorded calls?

If you’re already recording your calls via your phone system, dialer, or some other method, you’ll connect Gong to that platform. All call recordings from that point on will automatically be imported into the Gong platform where they will be transcribed, analyzed, and housed.

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Watch a Live Demo

Watch a short demo and see the magic for yourself!