For Frontline Sales Managers

Up Your Reps’ Game with Time-Efficient Call Coaching

Conversation intelligence technology helps B2B sales managers upskill their sales team and close more deals by recording, transcribing, and analyzing all sales calls and demos.

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Greg Reffner

“Gong gave us the assurance that our reps were doing the right things during their discovery calls and demos. We've shortened our sales cycle to just 16 days, and more than doubled our win rates.”

Greg Reffner Director of Sales, Allbound

Key benefits

Time-Efficient Call Coaching

Scale yourself from a coaching perspective by reviewing calls when itʼs convenient for you, in minutes, not hours. Consistently deliver the rich feedback your reps need to make their number.

Call Coaching
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Pinpoint and Fix Weak Behavior

Identify areas of improvement with surgical precision using conversation data. Understand how each rep is trending on key behaviors so you can personalize your coaching at scale.

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Replicate Winning Sales Behavior

Shine the light on what your top performers do differently than the rest with conversation analytics. Then capture their best calls in Libraries so everyone understands what they should strive to replicate.

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Ramp New Hires Faster

Give new hires a “highlight reel” of your teamʼs best calls and demos so they can hear what “good” sounds like at each stage of the sales cycle and get up to speed fast.

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Ensure More Deals Cross the Finish Line

Get your ears on deal-defining calls in your pipeline so you can change the trajectory of key deals before itʼs too late. Understand the state of each deal in minutes rather than taking your repʼs word for it.

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Enable Self Coaching & Peer Learning

Enable your reps to take development into their own hands. Help them make every call better than their last by turning their calls and demos into reviewable “game film for sales pros.”

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Watch a Live Demo

Watch a short demo and see the magic for yourself!