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Field Sales is Dead*.
Long Live Field Sales.

*As we know it. Things aren’t going back to the way things were. A new sales environment requires a new tool kit. We’re here to help.

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Things Have Changed

Your customers aren’t going back to the office this year, they may never go back.

54% of CFOs plan to make remote work a permanent option

We all secretly knew this day was coming

We just didn’t know it would be here so soon, and that the change would be so immediate.

Even before COVID-19 hit, 92 percent of companies thought their business models would need to change given digitization.

A new reality needs a new motion

It’s time to retire your platinum mileage medallion for a webcam and get ready for the next stage of selling.

80% or more of the sales cycle will happen in digital/remote settings.

A New Sales Motion
Needs A New Toolkit

Revenue intelligence holds the key to virtual sales success. Gong provides the toolkit you need for the new sales landscape.

“Revenue-Intelligent organizations are more than twice as likely to significantly overperform, exceeding their revenue targets by over 10%.”

Seamless collaboration for revenue teams

Gong gives you tools to collaborate with your entire account team. Be the quarterback for your deals, and lead your account team to close more business.

Know exactly what’s going on in your accounts

Track every touchpoint in your accounts. Understand account health at a glance, and know where your account stands for cross-selling and up-selling opportunities.

Save time on menial tasks

Gong saves you time by taking notes, summarizing follow-up items after each meeting, and ensuring your CRM is up-to-date for you.

Leading Organizations Leverage Gong In The Field

BlueCat networks selected Gong to get more visibility into their deals and improve their forecasting. Once the field saw what Gong could do they had to have it.

Jason Van Ravenswaay Head of Global Sales Operations
Bluecat Networks

It all starts with a call

We’ll walk you through how Revenue Intelligence will make the next six months your best ever.