Frequently Asked Questions about Gong’s Conversation Intelligence Platform

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What does Gong do?

Gong is the #1 conversation intelligence platform for B2B sales teams. It helps you close more deals by shining the light on your team’s sales conversations. It records, transcribes, and analyzes all sales calls so you can drive sales effectiveness across your entire team.

How does it work?

  • 1 Connect your calendar

    Gong starts with a simple calendar integration that takes three clicks to set up. Once connected, Gong “scans” each sales reps’ calendar looking for upcoming sales meetings, calls, or demos to record.

  • 2 Record

    The “Gong bot” will then join each scheduled sales call as a virtual meeting attendee to record the session. Both audio and video (such as screen shares, presentations, and demos) are recorded.

  • 3 Transcribe

    Each sales call is automatically transcribed from speech to text.

  • 4 Analyze

    Once each call is finished, Gong uses conversation analytics technology to analyze sales calls at the individual and aggregate level.

  • 5 What if I already have recorded calls?

    If you’re already recording your calls via your phone system, dialer, or some other method, you’ll connect Gong to that platform. All call recordings from that point on will automatically be imported into the Gong platform where they will be transcribed, analyzed, and housed.

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Who is Gong For?

Gong is best for professional B2B sales teams looking to drive up the effectiveness of their sales conversations. Here are the roles we most commonly serve:

Sales Leaders

Executive-level sales leaders use Gong to convert more of their pipeline into closed revenue by shining the light on their team’s sales conversations.

Frontline Sales Managers

Frontline sales managers use Gong to up their reps’ game with time-efficient call coaching.

Sales Enablement

Sales enablement professionals use Gong to maximize revenue per rep and accelerate onboarding ramp time for new sales hires.

Sales Reps

Account executives and SDRs use Gong to make every one of their calls better than the last by capturing their calls and turning them into smart, reviewable “game film”.

What problems does Gong address?

  • Most deals that enter the pipeline fail to become closed revenue due to being blind to the sales calls happening throughout
  • Unscalable, inefficient call coaching
  • Slow onboarding ramp time for new sales hires
  • Difficulty in closing the delta between top and average performers
  • Poor sales conversations happening across the team
  • Inconsistency: 10 reps handling 10 calls 10 different ways
  • Not knowing why “blockage points” are happening at key stages in your sales funnel, and not knowing how to fix them
  • Difficulty in knowing what’s working and what’s not, which reduces your playbook to an act of guesswork
  • Lack of sales training adoption: reps reverting back to old habits
  • Guesswork in where the team needs sales training and coaching

What kind of company makes a good customer for Gong?

Professional B2B sales teams who sell by phone or conference call who need to capture and get visibility into their sales calls.

Who are some of Gong’s customers and the results they are achieving?

Recognizable Customers
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Case Studies
Kareo Logo

Increased closed rates 30%, reduced onboarding ramp time 20%, and reduced their sales cycle by 50% in 90 days

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Increased closed rates 5% across a 130-person sales team with 7-figure quotas

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Reduced onboarding ramp time 15% for new sales hires

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Increased closed rates 2.5x

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Reduced onboarding ramp time 33%, increased competitive win rates 3.4x, and generated a 31x ROI on Gong

What do I need to use Gong?

  • 8+ inside sales reps
  • Making calls by phone or conference call
  • Using Google Apps or Outlook 365 for their calendar
  • Using one of our supported integrations

What Integrations does Gong support?

Web Conferencing
Recording Zoom Meeting
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How does it work if you already record calls?

If you’re already recording your calls via your phone system, dialer, or some other method, you’ll connect Gong to that platform. All call recordings from that point on will automatically be imported into the Gong platform where they will be transcribed, analyzed, and housed.

What's the general pricing/packaging for Gong?

We charge based on how many recorded reps you have. The beauty is that anyone in your company who isn’t recording themselves but wants to listen to/analyze calls is completely free. The specific price is going to depend on your situation, number of reps, and a few other variables.

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Won't my reps think this is "big brother"?

We’ve actually found that individual reps are our most enthusiastic users. It helps them make every one of their calls better than their last one, and learn from their peers so they can figure out how to close more deals. Reps often refer to Gong as “game film for salespeople.”

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How accurate is the transcript?

Gong has an optimized speech-to-text model, achieving state-of-the-art accuracy of 85%-90% (compared with off-the-shelf models that achieve 75%-80% accuracy). Gong technology is built to use machine learning to identify topics that are being discussed on the call, independent of specific keywords. That makes Gong resilient to transcription errors.

Do my reps have to notify customers that the call is being recorded?

As a best practice, we recommend it. We’ve found that it’s incredibly comfortable to pull off on scheduled sales calls like demos or discovery calls. If the rep says something like “Do you mind if I record this call so I’m not scrambling to take notes?” the prospect will agree 95% of the time.

Check out our guide on Call Recording Laws and Best Practices to learn more.

How secure are my recordings and data?

Gong offers the highest level of security to all customers. Gong is compliant with SOC2 Type II, EU Privacy Shield, and with the upcoming GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). Recordings and all other data (such as transcript data) are stored in Amazon data centers, and are encrypted at rest and in transit.

How does set up work?

It’ll take around 5 minutes.

  • 1 Join

    First, you’ll create an account.

  • 2 Invite

    You’ll invite your team within the platform. They will receive an email to login.

  • 3 Connect

    Your team will complete a 3-click calendar integration

  • 4 Use

    Gong will then start recording, transcribing, and analyzing their scheduled sales calls

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