Unlocking Go-to-Market Success with Insight into Strategic Initiatives

A Study From Harvard Business Review Analytic Services

It’s not easy to measure the success of go-to-market initiatives. This global study from Harvard Business Review Analytic Services explores the extent of this challenge and offers insight into how organizations can transform to execute their initiatives and outperform.

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In this report, you'll learn:
  • What’s missing from your GTM initiatives
    Through their research, HBR-AS identifies the big bets GTM leaders are making and quantifies the major challenges that they face in executing those strategies.
  • Industry Experts’ POVs
    Thought leaders share their take on what companies need to do today to transform their go-to-market organizations and adapt to an ever-changing buyer’s journey.
  • How tech is changing the game
    Discover how leading organizations are leveraging technology to close the gap and drive initiatives that exceed goals.
Highlights from the report:
  • Initiatives are mission critical
    Discover the top GTM initiatives that leaders are prioritizing for their business
  • Why most initiatives underperform
    Over 70% of GTM leaders experience this challenge when implementing their strategies.
  • What leading GTM orgs do differently
    Top-performing companies are investing in this area to transform their customer-facing teams’ ability to exceed revenue targets.

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