Drive key initiatives using ‘Smart Trackers’

Date & Time: Tuesday, Feb 7 at 10AM PT / 1PM ET

Whether your customers are addressing changing market needs or rolling out a new product or sales methodology, key initiatives matter.

Smart Trackers are the newest — and most impressive — way to pinpoint important moments in customer conversations, so revenue leaders can measure and boost key initiatives.

Smart Trackers are the first and only AI system that goes beyond verbatim keywords. They actually understand the meaning of customer conversations and pick up on different ways teams and customers talk about concepts. Gong’s state-of-the-art AI drops the need for keywords. Instead, Smart Trackers identify concepts that revenue leaders care about, and with much higher accuracy: They find up to 80% more occurrences, with up to 80% fewer errors.

Join Tim Lens, Senior Partner Enablement Manager; and Tucker Sjoblad, Senior Partner Engineer, to learn more about the next generation of Gong’s machine learning technology, Smart Trackers.


What's covered in the webinar?

In the session you will learn three things:

  1. What makes Smart Trackers different
  2. How easy it is to train this AI for customized results
  3. How to leverage Smart Trackers across Gong’s platform
Featured speakers
Tim Lens
Sr. Partner Enablement Manager
Tucker Sjoblad
Sr. Partner Engineer

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