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Phrases to avoid at all costs:

Sales cycles lengthen by 19% when reps say any of these 3 phrases to a buyer at any point in a deal…

How many words is too many:

Successful salespeople use about XX words to explain their price — any more signals insecurity…

When (and how) to apologize:

On average, you’ll close 13% more deals when you strategically pick and choose your apologies…

How to avoid giving discounts:

These 2 words imply that someone else has the final say on pricing, and concessions are scrutinized…

The right amount of silence:

When you pause for XX seconds after stating your price, it signals full confidence in your pricing…

Pronouns you should avoid:

Unsuccessful pricing conversations typically use certain pronouns, which you should avoid at all costs…

When to bring up price:

Successful reps only discuss price after establishing this key piece of information with the prospect… 

Budget talks timing:

Win rates are exponentially higher when you discuss budget at this counterintuitive time…

Email boundaries:

According to the data, this is what you can say about price over email — and what you can’t say…

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Get the “Sales Objection Email Template” as a bonus:

This 43-word template is proven to compel hesitant prospects to accept a call because it:

– Validates the prospects concerns
– Reframes their objection as a benefit
– Makes it easy for the prospect to say “yes”

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