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7 Habits of Master Rapport Builders

Use these strategies and techniques on virtual calls with your prospects. They’re proven to help you build trust, show empathy, and develop relationships as if you were meeting in person. 

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Gong’s 7 Habits of Master Rapport Builders teaches you how to build rapport, virtually, through:

Emotional Intelligence:

This technique will make buyers feel heard and understood. Use it anytime your buyer expresses an emotion — and you’ll get a rich, positive response.


Gong’s data shows that this technique sends win rates up by 96%. It’s the simplest, quickest way to build genuine rapport when in-person meetings are not an option. 


These words will help you “sell” your company while building credibility. And nothing beats this language for creating rapport, especially on virtual calls.


When you do this, you’re adding more than a personal touch: this follow-up strategy ensures the highest response rate after a sales call. 


This approach will get your buyer to self-identify with the problem your product addresses before you bring up the solution, which is compelling on its face.


Some questions will trigger defensive responses. This objection-handling strategy will neutralize your buyer’s mind, making them more receptive to a new way of thinking.

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Plus, actionable examples:

Each strategy & technique comes with a clear, concise example:

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