Learn how to keep your finger on the pulse of the current macroeconomic environment

LIVE EVENT: September 8th, 2022 | 11 AM PST

The economy isn’t what it used to be. You need to adjust or your customer engagements could suffer and drag down the success of your organization. 

Gong is here to help you keep that from happening.

We’re hosting a 45-minute webinar to show you how to use Gong to do more with less. You’ll learn how using Gong data gives you complete visibility into at-risk deals, what’s working, and what isn’t. 

Guessing about the economic impact on your pipeline isn’t a winning strategy. Learning how to use Gong so you can pivot or double down with confidence, is.


Marie Callahan
Sales Engineer

Mike Larkin
Senior Sales Engineer

Join us for a 45 minute exclusive webinar to:

  • Spot Risk Early: Identify early signals about the potential impact of the current economic climate on their prospects. 
  • Analyze Trends: Spot trends and analyze how economic conditions are impacting specific areas of your business over time (e.g. by segment, stage, team, etc.).
  • Maximize Success: Hit revenue and pipeline metrics in the face of economic headwinds.


Here’s how.

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