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How Quinyx used Gong to scale faster and land a 50% increase in deal size

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The challenge

Quinyx was making decisions without the data to back them up, and managers were spread thin trying to listen in on sales calls so they could get a more accurate picture of their pipeline. As the company scaled rapidly, these issues were scaling with them.

The outcome

By adopting Gong, Quinyx was given access to all the data they needed to make pivotal decisions supported by facts. They could more easily guide their growing team by coaching calls after the fact, and leaders including the CRO were able to create accurate forecasts the company could rely on. Though they’ve continued to scale at a fast pace, their win rates are up since using Gong, and every team in their 11 offices is on the same page.


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Getting a global team on one page

Workforce management tool Quinyx wanted to scale their teams faster, and get better insight into their deals. But with 11 offices across three continents, it wasn’t easy. With clients like McDonalds, IKEA, and Starbucks, salespeople needed to learn what was and wasn’t working quickly, and leadership wanted to be able to forecast with trusted data. 

CRO Andreas Sjölund brought Gong onboard to provide that bird’s eye view. “Prior to having Gong we had a really hard time accessing the right data to make decisions,” he says. “We wanted a way to show how we sell successfully and also use the AI to learn what’s really working and what’s not when we sell to our customers and prospects.”

Since adopting Gong two years ago, making decisions that move their business forward has never been easier.

The power of accurate forecasting

Sometimes gathering the data you need in order to create effective and accurate forecasts can feel like a wild goose chase. You shouldn’t have to hunt down where deals are in the pipeline and where they’re likely to end in order to make the best decisions for your business. 

Using Gong, Sjölund and his team have access to more data than ever before and a better understanding of where deals fall in the pipeline. “I can go in and look at key deals—either read the transcript or look at the videos and really get the tone right from the customer instead of calling around to salespeople to figure out how things are going,” he says. 

“It’s really helping me as a CRO forecast better, which is better for the whole company.”

Having a handle on pipeline means not only understanding what’s going right and what needs to change but also achieving your high-level objectives. “Keeping me up at night is our growth,” says Sjölund. “We’ve been growing year over year 50%, so it’s all about how we can scale, get bigger deals, more deals, faster.” Gong also helped Quinyx successfully implement MEDPICC.

Since using Gong, forecasts are trending up, despite challenging market conditions. At a time when most companies are doing what they can to weather the storm, Quinyx increased their deal size (ACV) by an incredible 50% and their win rates by 2%, significantly impacting their bottom line. 

“We’ve seen great improvements after implementing Gong,” says Sjölund.

Let the voice of the customer be heard

As a business, understanding the true voice of the customer is one of the most integral parts of sales and marketing. Nothing is more clear than a customer’s feedback in their own words. But who has the time to sit in on sales calls all day, especially when those calls cross three time zones? 

“What Gong has helped us with is giving me and our sales leaders the opportunity not to have to be in each meeting,” says Sjölund. And this benefit of Gong has been beneficial across Quinyx’s departments, helping not only the Sales team but Product, R+D, and Marketing as well. 

“It’s a benefit for any department to hear from the customers themselves what they’re looking for,” says Sjölund. For example, the marketing department can take a look at trending words in different markets and use that data to inform their next campaign, and the product team can improve their roadmap. 

Gong also helps Quinyx’s sales team take the “voice of the customer” literally. “Usually as a salesperson, one of the biggest mistakes is speaking too much,” says Sjölund. “One feature of Gong I’m almost addicted to is the Deal Overview, where you can see how much your team is interacting with the customer and how much they’re interacting with you. It gives you a great overview of where you are in the deal cycle, and you can see if it’s about to close or not.” 

Having the resources you need to really listen when your customer is speaking—and then being able to share snippets of your learnings to any department that could benefit—is what being customer-centric is all about.

Onboarding and acquiring made easy

With over 400 employees serving 11,000 customers, there’s a lot to learn when onboarding at Quinyx. Sjölund and his team believe that watching real customer calls is the key to success.  

“You don’t need to sit in on a lot of sales meetings at the beginning, but learning from hearing what the customer’s saying is the best way to learn,” he says. “So we created different folders in Gong where we keep sales calls we want new employees to look at. It’s really helped to get all the customer meetings in one place and make it really easy for new salespeople being onboarded.”

Once onboarded and beginning their own sales calls, Gong also helps with coaching by giving leaders an eye into a salesperson’s process and making it easy to provide feedback. “The way I use Gong is I listen to it every morning, on the way to work or to the gym, so I get a feel for the meetings the previous day,” says Sjölund. “Then I give feedback right in the call, either in notes or with the microphone functionality. It really gives me better insight into the deal, and it also helps with coaching.” 

Quinyx acquired two other companies in the last year, which required not only a wave of onboarding needs but also an integration of systems and processes. When everything is scattered across multiple platforms, getting on the same page takes longer, slowing down your growth. But using Gong meant that every acquired employee and process was centralized, minimizing overlap and confusion.  

“Gong has really helped us with our digital transformation,” says Sjölund. “We can see everything in one place, so it’s been a great help for us to transform faster as a company.”

Scaling sustainably all comes down to having the right data to help you make informed decisions. “By getting this info I can share it with other parts of the organization that helps with winning the deal faster,” says Sjölund. 

Revenue intelligence helps teams by getting them better data so they can scale faster—all while giving leaders the control they need to focus on steering the ship. “We now have control over our deals, over our forecasts, and I know we’re selling Quinyx the right way.” 

“Gong is making me sleep better at night.”

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