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Hello, New Reality: How TaxJar Uses Gong to Make the Most Out of Every Opportunity


Woburn, MA






eCommerce Tax Software

The Challenge

With the 2020 global pandemic resulting in a reduction in inbound leads coming in from their phone system or from their scheduling system, TaxJar wanted to ensure they were making the most out of every opportunity.

The Outcome

Not only has Gong helped TaxJar optimize their sales process and methodology during shifting market conditions, it has also supported the growth and management of its fully remote sales team.

“I like to compare it to if you are a batter facing a pitcher like Nolan Ryan when he was in his prime,” remarked Matthew Grattan, VP of Sales & Account Management at TaxJar, the leading technology solution for busy eCommerce sellers to manage sales tax.

To non-sports fans, what does that mean?

Nolan Ryan, if you got to hit against him, would typically give you maybe one or two good pitches to hit if you were lucky and ‘at bat.’ And so you as the hitter, now when you get up to play it on the sales side, you don’t have as many ‘at bats’ as swings,” Matthew explains, “You have to take advantage of those swings.”

With the challenging economic environment of 2020, TaxJar had seen a reduction in inbound leads coming in from their phone system or from their scheduling system. They needed to make the most out of every opportunity headed their way.

Luckily, TaxJar had Gong.

Gong allows us to make sure that our process and methodology that we’re using to engage is optimized. So when I have 10 sales reps or 14, I know that with every call that they get on we’re optimizing those opportunities,” shares Matthew.

Simply put, they had a tool that enabled their sales team to not only correct their mistakes, but also learn and improve.

“Gong is an amazing tool. It enables us to manage a remote sales team, optimize our process and get the impact that the business needs.”


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