The Company

Founded in 2011, Cloudinary has reinvented the way that media is managed online. The company provides a comprehensive cloud-based image and video management solution that has quickly become a preferred solution used by web and mobile application developers at major companies around the world to streamline media management and deliver an optimal end-user experience. Cloudinary’s 180,000 users include, Conde Nast, Gawker, Gizmodo, GrubHub, Indiegogo, Outbrain, Snapdeal, Under Armour, Vogue, Wired and many others. Brittany Caulfield, Vice President of Sales, manages the rapidly-growing sales team of 13. Her team consists of Account Executives, Sales Development Representatives, and Sales Engineers.

The Challenge

Caulfield manages her sales team across four international locations in different time zones. This means that listening in on reps’ calls is challenging, at best. “Unless I wanted to be awake 24 hours a day, I couldn’t possibly support the sales team not sitting in the same office as me,” admits Caulfield. Her team uses multiple conferencing systems like GoToMeeting,, and Skype, “so getting everyone to record their calls, so I could review them later, was like pulling teeth,” jokes Caulfield.

The Solution

After first hearing of Gong’s solution, Caulfield was quick to understand it was right for Cloudinary. “Firstly, we love the auto-record feature, which rids me of the need to chase after my team members to get them to record their calls. Gong quickly proved to be crucial to our operations, allowing product team members to listen in to calls when they want to understand what product features my reps have promised to clients and to hear client concerns in their own words.” Caulfield also regularly uses the real-time listen-in feature, “which allows me to silently jump on and off a live call at will, without worrying about the conferencing system chiming and interrupting the call every time I do so.”


Deploying Gong at Cloudinary couldn’t have been simpler. “It was basically ‘plug & play’, with team members excited about not having to worry about recording calls anymore,” recalls Caulfield. “Initial training was extremely short and to the point. Gong was really intuitive to start using. Once we started actually using Gong, we got a bit of extra training on some of the cooler, more advanced features. Gong’s Customer Success team could not have been more responsive – I believe the longest we ever waited for a response was about an hour.”


Cloudinary quickly felt the impact of Gong. “The manual effort of recording calls and sharing them with the right people for training purposes is now gone. That alone has had a huge impact on us,” explains Caulfield. But Gong’s benefits are even more evident in opportunity management. “I can now sit down with a sales rep, who’s having trouble dealing with a prospect objection or a pricing issue, and we listen to the relevant call segments together and figure it out,” continues Caulfield. “I’ve noticed things like a sales rep sounding reluctant when talking about pricing. He’s saying all the right words, but how you deliver the words is much more important than the words themselves. Before using Gong, I really had no way of pinpointing these issues at the effective scale I can now.” Six months after starting to use Gong, Caulfield really sees the difference. “Gong has sped up our new rep ramp-up time by 15% and we expect this number to go up as we deepen our use of Gong.” Another area Gong has helped Cloudinary with is understanding opportunity conversion rates, as Caulfield explains, “Gong has become my go-to place to find out our true conversion rates between opportunity stages. Documented neatly with the actual call recordings, there’s no better place for me to understand the exact state of key opportunities and what happened on the calls that caused those opportunities to move forward.”


When asked for advice for other sales leaders, Caulfield points to automation. “You really need to automate anything you can and tools like Gong are perfect for shedding off manual labor and focusing more on winning your deals. Sales leaders should be doing a lot more listening. I plan to start playing Gong call segments in every team meeting, for everyone to learn from, like I’ve been doing at one-on-one meetings. For a salesperson to hear how an objection is well-handled by a colleague goes a whole lot further than me just telling them what to do.”


Gong helps sales teams succeed by giving sales leaders instant clarity on what’s good, bad, and ugly about each sales call. This helps sales reps coach themselves and each other, systematically improving their pitch and winning more deals. Gong achieves this by automatically recording, transcribing, and analyzing sales calls using AI conversation analysis.

Deployment Highlights:

  • 13 Sales team members
  • 4 international locations
  • Use GoToMeeting,, Skype
  • Couldn’t record and listen to enough calls
  • With Gong, all calls are recorded
  • Gong used to coach reps
  • 15% faster ramp-up of new reps
  • Clearer opportunity coversion rates
“Gong has sped up our new rep ramp-up time by 15% and we expect this number to go up as we deepen our use of Gong.”
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