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Increased Annual Contract Value (ACV)

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Increased Quota Attainment

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Increased ROI
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Decreased Onboarding Ramp Time


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Location Royal Oak, Michigan
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Company Size 60+ employees
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Founded 2010
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Industry Referral Automation Software (SaaS)

The Company

Ambassador is the world’s #1 all-in-one referral software.

They help their customers acquire more of their ideal customers, faster, by leveraging word-of-mouth. Zach Taylor has served as the company’s VP Sales for the last three years, leading all customer acquisition efforts.

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The Challenge

Ambassador’s sales function is split into two groups:

New Business Reps

Those who set appointments and qualify opportunities

Enterprise Sales Consultants

Those who close deals and “carry a bag”

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High performing New Business Reps are frequently promoted into Enterprise Sales Consultant roles.

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But the fact that NBRs typically have less than 2-3 years sales experience creates a couple challenges:


Their ramp period is long.

Since they are new to selling complex, unbudgeted solutions, they take upward of 4-6 months to get fully up to speed. Thier lack of experience owning the entire sales process and closing deals delays their ram period.


They often level-off as “middle-of-the-road” performers.

The lack of experience managing complex sales cycles results in stubborn performance plateaus. In the past, this forced Zach to rely on a few star performing reps to make up for the rest of the team’s “C+” quota attainment.

The Results

Several months after deploying Gong’s conversation intelligence platform, the Ambassador sales organization achieved the following results.

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Increased Quota Attainment
by “Raising the Average”

“Most sales leaders have a host of reps performing below quota (and let’s face it - that’s the majority of sales reps in the world). With Gong, we were able to ‘raise our average,’ shifting quota attainment across the team up a few notches.”

Zach Taylor VP Sales
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Reduced Onboarding Ramp Time 50%

“It used to take us 4-6 months to get new enterprise sales consultants producing at a consistent level. Gong has helped us chop that in half. In fact, one of our new reps just hit 140% of fully ramped quota, and he’s only on month two.”

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Increased ROI on Reps

“The ROI you’re getting across your sales reps’ salaries and expenses is a question any CEO or CRO is worried about. Gong helped us get more return out of our investment in reps by increasing performance across the board, while making it unnecessary to hire highly experienced and expensive enterprise reps.”

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Increased ACV by 33% and
Improved Close Rates

“Our average contract value has gone up 33% this year as a result of going up-market. We’ve been wildly focused on making sure every touch point and interaction we have with enterprise customers is a world-class experience. Gong allows us to focus on quality over quantity across the board.”

The Takeaway

Zach Taylor

“You can’t get this thing in place soon enough. These kind of results don’t happen if what is being said during sales calls is not optimal. You can’t say you’re obsessed with quality over quantity, and then not know what’s going on during sales calls. That black box will kill you.”

Zach Taylor VP Sales

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