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From Pandora’s Box to Near Certainty. How Gong Increases Pipeline Accuracy and Accelerates Revenue Growth

By Devin Reed, September 13, 2021

Meet Julien. Senior SVP of Sales at CloudMarkr, a mid-market European technology company. He’s been in his new job just three months, and he’s looking for some quick wins.    Julien is responsible for delivering accurate revenue targets to the executive team (and to shareholders). He knows from years of experience that a company’s CRM doesn’t […]

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5 Must-Have Elements of A Winning Sales Enablement Strategy

By Jonathan Costet, June 11, 2021

Rapidly evolved into a strategic, go-to-market function That’s how Gartner describes the importance of sales enablement.   They continue, “What was once the responsibility of product marketing, sales operations, or of a single sales trainer, sales enablement is now supported by dedicated teams founded within the sales organization” (bold is mine). In short, sales enablement is […]

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How To Build Your Sales Playbook (With Examples)

By Jonathan Costet, May 31, 2021

Close more deals. Increase revenue. Improve win rates. Meet Exceed sales goals. Pick any (or all) of the above, and you have the reason sales playbooks exist. Best-in-class sales playbooks include:  Sales enablement materials Detailed and updated buyers personas Sales resources Team processes Rules of Engagement Pilot information Pricing options Sales templates Product demo flows […]

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