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7 Skills Every Sales Manager Needs

By Jonathan Costet, November 23, 2022

It’s hard to become a sales manager without first being a good sales rep. After all, when the majority of your own quota is based on your team’s sales performance, you need to know how to sell.  But that doesn’t mean the best closer is guaranteed to make the best sales manager. While sales managers […]

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What Are the Stages of a Sales Pipeline?

Visibility is everything in sales. If you can’t see where each deal is in your sales process and how long it’s been there, you’ll struggle to improve it.  That’s why building and managing a sales pipeline is so important.  A well-defined sales pipeline makes your sales process transparent, allowing you to see your deals in […]

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Data shows these 3 seller mistakes are costing you time and money

By Dan Morgese, November 15, 2022

This article is part of the Gong Labs series, where we publish findings from our data research team. We analyze sales conversations and deals using the Gong Reality Platform’s proprietary AI, then share the results to help you win more deals. Subscribe here to read upcoming research. “Do more, with less.” “Boost productivity.”  “Increase efficiency.” Those phrases […]

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