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How to Predict If Your B2B Sales Job Will Survive AI

By Chris Orlob, August 9, 2017

I recently got sucked into a heated LinkedIn debate about whether artificial intelligence (AI) will eventually displace the B2B sales profession. These discussions seem to be cropping up a lot lately. Many sales professionals and leaders believe it won’t happen; they predict that people will always want to buy from people and that relationships will […]

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Here’s Why Your “Sure Thing” Deal Didn’t Close (And What to Do Next Time)

By Chris Orlob, August 1, 2017

New research confirms that “happy ears” in sales isn’t just some cynical phrase that grizzled sales veterans toss around to poke fun at rookies–it’s actually a real phenomenon, now validated by data (see below). The data illustrates that when buyers respond to your sales presentation a little too enthusiastically (with few objections raised), they are […]

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This Is How Gender Affects Close Rates In Sales

By Chris Orlob, July 26, 2017

Even though the B2B sales world is dominated by men, salesmen selling to men buyers kills more deals than any other buyer/seller gender combination. Just as interesting: saleswomen selling to woman buyers brings more deals across the finish line than the other gender combos. Four months ago I wrote an article titled Women Break the […]

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The 7 Best Discovery Call Tips for Sales You’ll Ever Read

By Chris Orlob, July 5, 2017

Running an effective discovery call often means the difference between winning and losing a sale. Your discovery call sets the trajectory of the deal. It dictates how you present, what objection handling scenarios you’ll run into, and how much negotiation leverage you find yourself with at the end of the sales process. So, what makes […]

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4 Tips for Nailing Your Sales Discovery Calls

By Chris Orlob, June 18, 2017

In the Gong Research Labs series, we publish data from analyzing sales calls with natural language processing and AI. Subscribe here for new data every week. . . . A new batch of sales conversation data confirms what some of us know at a gut-level: A key difference between the sales rep who goes to President’s Club […]

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SalesLoft + Gong: Scale the Effectiveness of Your Sales Conversations

By Chris Orlob, June 7, 2017

Scaling the effectiveness of your sales conversations is what we aim to do here at Gong. That’s why we’re excited to formally announce our integration with SalesLoft, the sales engagement platform: They’ll scale the number of conversations you’re having; we’ll scale their effectiveness. This partnership started with mutual customers requesting that we integrate the two […]

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How to Hack Rapport Building In Sales with This New Data

By Chris Orlob, May 24, 2017

In the Gong Research Labs series, we publish data from analyzing sales calls with natural language processing and AI. Subscribe here for new data every week. . . . The best way to build rapport in sales changes from situation to situation. What works in one case actively causes failure in another. Winning strategies have a way […]

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Random Acts of Coaching (RAoC)

By Chris Orlob, May 10, 2017

Focusing on the middle of the pack is where sales coaching has its impact. Unless it’s done randomly. Star account executives will exceed their quota pretty much no matter what you do as a sales manager. And the awful account executives will eventually find a new career. It’s the middle ground, the “good but not […]

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