Help your friends have better sales conversations and earn rewards!

Donate rewards to your favorite charity or use them at retail or online stores


It’s as easy as…

  1. JOIN – by clicking the button below.
  2. SHARE – your Gong demo link with your friends.
  3. EARN – get a $25 Tango Gift Card when a qualified friend attends a demo.
  4. EARN MORE – get a $200 Tango Gift Card when your friend becomes a Gong customer.

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  • Your friend must work for a company in the software or internet industry and be based in the United States or Canada.
  • Your friend’s company must have an inside sales team using one or more of the web conferencing, dialer, or phone systems detailed on our integrations page.
  • Your friend must be a direct manager of 10+ inside sales reps and have purchasing power to decide on using Gong.

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